SurePress™ L-4033A - Epson's new Digital Label Press. Now, there's an outstanding solution for cost-efficient short-run label printing.
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More Than A Digital Press —
A Whole New Approach to Greater Profitability

  • The SurePress color matches and reproduces spot colors economically with Green and Orange inks for higher saturation.
  • True-to-life shades; proofs easily made on the press.
  • The press stays accurate.
  • Does not require color adjustment from the first frame to the last. No drifts of the registration marks.
  • Little substrate waste, low power consumption and one operator required.
  • Automated print head maintenance and hot-swappable ink cartridges, no need to halt production during a 3 shift day.

It's never been easier to go digital — with Epson's SurePress L-4033A and L-4033AW, a breakthrough, short-run digital label press offered with pre-and post-press options that can be tailored to meet various needs and budgets.

The Epson digital label press capitalizes on Epson's acclaimed MicroPiezo® ink jet technology to create output with smooth gradations and incredible color quality. The L-4033A has six-color (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, Black, Orange and Green), industrial-quality, water-based ink set produces a remarkable range of colors for impressive, professional and consistent results. The L-4033AW includes a seventh white ink to a print transparent 'no-label look' labels, as well as metallic-type labels frequently used in the cosmetic and health and beauty markets. Driving this best-in-class ink jet technology are the included RIP and color management tools from Wasatch and X-Rite. The Wasatch SoftRIP provides intuitive workflow controls and the i1Pro bundle allows for the creation of custom ICC profiles per selected substrates, ensuring consistent and repeatable printing results.

The Epson SurePress also delivers on substrate versatility. With no pre-treatment or top coating required, a variety of standard off-the-shelf substrates can be used at variable web widths up to 13 inches wide. By working with industry-leading manufacturers on every aspect of digital label production, from color management to media and finishing options, Epson offers a new, open approach that will make the adoption of digital short-run label printing easier and more profitable.

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