SurePress™ L-4033A - Epson's new Digital Label Press. Now, there's an outstanding solution for cost-efficient short-run label printing.
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Solutions That Integrate Digital and Conventional Printing

Today's label producers already output to offset, screen-printing, flexo and even letterpress machines. But, the drive towards faster turnaround times and shorter print runs, with variable data and customization, is being addressed increasingly by digital printers like Epson's SurePress L-4033A. EskoArtwork's thorough knowledge of pre-press requirements for all such sectors has resulted in a software suite that makes it simple to incorporate a hybrid workflow or make the move from analog to digital label production. With brand equity maintained throughout the process, the workflow is simplified, allowing you to optimize press runs for maximum productivity. And, you get the benefit of centralized color data, which means greater color consistency. Best of all, you can wait until the last minute to decide which press to use.

Increased Throughput for Greater Productivity

EskoArtwork has worked closely with printer manufacturers and vendors to ensure that label converters can incorporate digital print processes, yet still allow for traditional methods, if necessary, to meet run-length and output demands. EskoArtwork's pre-press tools allow you to switch between processes quickly and easily, minimizing manual print preparation and fully automating RIP and color management processes.

Reduced Waste

Because EskoArtwork's pre-press options are intuitive and precise, there is greater accuracy. This leads to lower production costs and reduces unnecessary waste. Without time-consuming guesswork, jobs are right the first time, every time.

Time and Cost Savings

Every step of the workflow process has been configured to provide an easier interface and eliminate wasted time and materials by removing the element of human error. You can increase productivity and fine-tune processes by incorporating a wide variety of features and functions. No alternative generic software package available today offers the benefits you'll receive by utilizing products designed by the experienced team at EskoArtwork.

Precise and Consistent Color

The Color Engine, EskoArtwork's color management system, gives you superior control for greater color consistency, predictability and repeatability throughout the process. Combining colorimetric profiles, used for CMYK, with patented spectral profiles, colors can be profiled individually and stored in a database. This results in precise color matching, even with sets of six or seven colors. By making color recognition a digitally generated process, setup and pre-press times are reduced.

This innovative software suite, together with the Epson digital label press, offers all the advantages you need for increased profitability. With a host of innovative offerings, including CTP devices for conventional printing and consultancy services, EskoArtwork provides products and solutions that integrate digital and conventional printing, so as to meet the needs of both print buyers and converters and help them build on their initial investment.


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