SurePress™ L-4033A - Epson's new Digital Label Press. Now, there's an outstanding solution for cost-efficient short-run label printing.

The Servo 3000 Infeed + Reregister System saves money and enhances performance, right out of the box. Install it on your existing press or diecutter and start running multi-layer labels, performing second-pass operations and converting digitally printed labels — all with less material waste.

Servo 3000 Infeed + Reregister System

Are you considering Epson's SurePress L-4033A but are reluctant to invest up to $500K for offline finishing equipment? The Servo 3000 Infeed + Reregister System is the affordable alternative.

Combined with Epson's SurePress, the Servo 3000 creates an ideal label-finishing solution. Job set-ups are easy and material waste is low. And, since the Servo 3000 installs on your existing press or diecutter, your operators are already trained on the equipment. Plus, your equipment investment won't be limited to digital print finishing. You will enjoy every benefit of the Servo 3000. This bolt-on unit adds performance capabilities to mechanical presses similar to those found on today's pure servo presses. Reduced material waste, improved press registration and increased run speeds are the results. These improved efficiencies translate to a fast ROI, regardless of press make or year. In short, the system is an easy add-on that makes any press better.


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