SurePress™ L-4033A - Epson's new Digital Label Press. Now, there's an outstanding solution for cost-efficient short-run label printing.

Epson's SurePress digital label press —
an innovative choice for short-run print jobs.

Epson's SurePress L-4033A and L-4033AW have all the tools you need to enter the world of digital label printing.You'll achieve impressive, professional results, while handling short-run jobs quickly and efficiently. So boost your bottom line by offering a wider range of printing solutions to your customer base, plus just-in-time production to meet tight schedules. It's never been easier to go digital.

Produce high quality labels — utting-edge MicroPiezo® inkjet technology provides ultra precise drop formation and placement to deliver smooth gradations, remarkable color quality, and sharp detail for easy bar code readability, plus crisp small type and line work. Epson's SurePress L-4033AW AQ ink set includes White ink for solid, opaque white printing on materials such as clear film and metallic substrates.

label image

Seven-color, industrial-quality ink set — including Orange, Green and White for clear film and metallic substrates to produce a remarkable range of colors

SurePress AQ Ink

Epson's acclaimed MicroPiezo multi-print head technology — delivers well defined dots for accurate, consistent printing.

Variable-sized Droplet Technology — ensures smooth gradations and accurate colors for optimum image quality


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