SurePress™ L-4033A - Epson's new Digital Label Press. Now, there's an outstanding solution for cost-efficient short-run label printing.

Wasatch SoftRIP

Power your SurePress Digital Label Print Production with the Wasatch RIP and Print Management Software

Included with Epson’s SurePress L-4033A, Wasatch SoftRIP is a sophisticated RIP solution made easy. SoftRIP saves you time and money by including superior color management options, efficient layout features and powerful workflow tools, all while producing excellent quality color.

Digital Printing Excellence

  • Correction curves allow you to make adjustments to image lightness, darkness and specific color channels
  • Gap adjustment settings are available for both the X and Y axis
  • Cutting registration marks and cutting units can be quickly selected from the setup screen
  • The Color Atlas Generator creates color patches that can be printed on your substrate, allowing you to select colors based on the actual output
  • Annotate Prints allows you to include and print important job information
  • Spot Color Replacement provides precise spot color control, allowing you to adjust incoming files or bypass color management altogether

Efficient Layout Tools

  • Preview your layout before printing so you know exactly what to expect before using ink and media
  • Drag and drop images into your layout, quickly manipulate images, and nest images to fit in a more efficient manner as part of your overall print run
  • Rotate, mirror or tile image, add or remove copies, and manually position the images in your layout, without ever leaving the Layout screen

Superior Color

  • Create and apply correction curves for incoming files, and select custom ICC profiles for both incoming data and output devices
  • The Color Transforms screen straightens out the maze of profiles, halftones, calibrations and more, showing you exactly how your color goes from file to printed page
  • Quickly adjust ICC input and output profiles directly in the Color Transforms screen
  • Define rendering intents, specify key processing factors or choose to use embedded ICC profiles, all from one screen
  • The Color Transforms screen provides ICC profile-based color management across your entire production workflow

Energize Your Workflow

  • Drag and drop images from the File Browser directly into your RIP Queue
  • Quickly re-print jobs, add jobs to a layout or view the properties for a selected job directly from the Queues screen
  • Print Archive allows you to free up network space by saving printed files to other locations where you can retrieve them later to re-print without the need to re-RIP
  • Wasatch ImageNET™ allows any browser-equipped PC, Mac, iPad or Unix workstation on your network to remotely interface with Wasatch SoftRIP

System Requirements



(3 GHz CPU or comparable multi-core for SoftRIP TX)


80GB hard drive

Windows® 7, Windows XP, Windows Vista®


3 GHz CPU or comparable multi-core


300GB or larger hard drive

DVD-ROM drive

Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7

File Format Compatibility

PostScript Level 3, PDF, EPS, TIFF, JPG, GIF, PNG, PSD, BMP, PCX, PPM, TGA, DCS2 and MrSID

Wasatch Company Information

As a leading developer of RIP and print management solutions for large- and small-format digital printing, Wasatch Computer Technology has a strong tradition of innovation and quality. With over 28 years of experience developing software for the graphic arts industry, Wasatch continues to be a leading contributor of digital technology, offering solutions with breakthrough features and best-in-class usability. The dedicated team of Wasatch engineers, technicians and graphic artists work together to create software products that deliver speed, efficiency and flexibility for the most demanding production environments and complex workflows.

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